Luxury Finished Basements Transform Your Home
Written by Ray.Victorell

Would Remodeling My Basement Worth It?

There are several important factors to consider before starting a renovation.” “As with any space, the first thing to consider is what the space will be used for, says designer Cristina Makatos-Lowe. Do you use it primarily during the day or at night? Do you need to install plumbing for other facilities, such as a bathroom or wet bar? Will it be a place for children or more for adults and play?” He adds. Once you’ve determined your purpose, there are several factors to consider. Since the basement is usually airless or very dark, good lighting is essential.” Makatos says: “The ceiling height is often low, so install recessed or low-profile fixtures. The ceiling as a fifth surface is also a great way to use wallpaper or paint to brighten up a dark, flat room.”

The basement is a little-known part of the house that can be more than just a place to store seasonal items and toys. More and more homeowners are choosing to expand their living space and use it creatively. In Denver, Colorado, there are some interesting trends in basement renovation. Decorate the space for one main use or incorporate elements that will appeal to the whole family.

Looking for a place for the kids to relax after school, or dreaming of a trendy man cave? The use of the space depends on what you want to change.

Nick Yahuden, president of Advanced Builders & Contractors in Los Angeles, says it’s worth looking at other homes in the neighborhood. If unfinished basements are common in your market, upgrading the rest of the house may be a more sensible investment.

Although basements – even finished basements – generally don’t increase the home’s square footage, they can have a positive impact on the sale of a house when they’re appraised. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost Value Report, finishing a basement with a bathroom, bar and living room can recoup about 70% of the increase in resale value.

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