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Written by Ray.Victorell

Decks and Porches

Outdoor activities are conducted in the house and for this purpose outdoor living is necessary that could permit to do these activities. For this purpose, the house required decks and porches to do the activities such as birthday parties, sunbathing, outdoor relaxation, and barbecues.

Decks and porches are based on the structure of the stage that is outside of the home and provide a flat surface like the home floor in the garden. A porch is a high-level exterior surface that is outside of the front or back door of the home and sometimes includes walls and a roof. On the other side, a deck is made of wood that could be placed anywhere in the yard of the house. The basic factor that is necessary to highlight while determining the location of outdoor living space, is the height of the floor is considered significant as the deck and porch is required to place on a high floor that has good location and design and also better architecture design that could provide a living space from the above level of the main floor.

Porches are required to use the material to build the roofs and help to give a massive style to the home. Sometimes, it may base on the stone or solid wood of the floor which is helpful to keep the traditional design of the house and provide shade to the user. People also used the porches as umbrellas on a sunny day to get sun relaxation. It is necessary to build the porches and decks by keeping in view the walking area of the basement and keeping a distance that could give an attractive look to the garden. Decks are usually less expensive and made of wood material but the porches are expensive as they required concrete slabs, stones, wood, and expertly skilled labor to build the porches which also impact the design and structure of a home.

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