Additional Services To Your Home Inspection

Adding additional services to a home inspection can significantly enhance the overall quality and thoroughness of the inspection process.  A home inspector can provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the property by offering services such as radon testing, mold assessment, or termite inspections.

This not only gives the homeowner a complete picture of the condition of their home, but it also allows them to address any potential issues before they become significant problems.  By offering these additional services, a home inspector can ensure their clients receive a well-rounded inspection covering all aspects of the property. This can help homeowners make informed decisions about their investments and ensure the safety and quality of their homes.

When looking for a certified home property inspector, Ground Zero Home Inspections starts from the roof to foundation and Attic to Basement.

The list below are some of the additional add-ons we do for a home inspection.

During your consultation with your inspector ask him/her questions about these add-on services and see if it meets your inspection requirements.

  • Radon Sniff Test

  • Air Quality Test

  • Mold & Mildew Test

  • EMF & RF Inspection

  • Well Water Test

  • Septic Inspection

  • Full Home Exterior Measurement