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Written by Ray.Victorell

What Is An Irrigation system?

Irrigation is the artificial application of tools that could provide water to the soil through an artificial system such as tubes, pumps, and sprays. The irrigation system is mostly used in areas where limited or irregular rainfall and droughts are expected to occur.

Different types of irrigation systems could be used to supply the water to the entire period equally and this water also originated from the groundwater through springs or wells or by using different types of equipment. Consequently, it is a critical way to protect the agricultural water and minimize the potential of contamination that is also helpful to remove the groundwater and use irrigation water to fulfill the needs of water for the soil. There are different types of irrigation system on the basis of water distribution this system includes, surface irrigation which distribute the water across the land by gravity. Localized irrigation distributes the water with low pressure through a pipe network that is applied to every plant.

Drip irrigation is a type of localized irrigation that delivered the water near the roots of the plant. Sprinkler irrigation is the distribution of water through high-pressure sprinklers. Lateral move irrigation is the distribution of water with the help of a wide range of pipes that are based on a wheel and a set of sprinklers that are rotated with the help of hand pressure and sprinkler move towards a specific distance.

Sub-irrigation is also the distribution of water to the land by increasing the water table and pumping stations which is the most effective way to increase the surface of the water. All these types of irrigation and drainage improve not only the agricultural sector but also improved the environment and quality of air. The agricultural sector is highly based on the irrigation system as it is helpful to secure the gap in rainfall and improve the productivity of crops.

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