Need A Home Inspection In Sheboygan County?

Hey! Need a Home Inspection?

Ground Zero Home Inspections

Get your Home Inspection with a Radon Test, Water, Air Quality, and Mold Test for $350 Starting

Included Services

Radon Inspection

Included Services include a Radon Test

Water Test

Included Services include a Water Test

Air Quality

Included Services include Air Quality Tests

Mold Tests

Included Services include Mold Tests (if needed)

Simply put, a home inspection is when a licensed inspector visits your property to examine it for issues.  Sometimes, issues aren’t so noticeable like Radon.  Radon is a poisonous gas that is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.  In addition, we also test your water and air quality.  Why? Because water is what we drink and bathe with and if there are harmful bacteria, it’s best if we can correct this issue before someone gets sick or worse.  In addition, we also test for mold spores in the air before you move in.

This is often a precautionary step during the home-buying process that ensures the home is physically up-to-date and ready for a new owner.