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Let’s Get Started! – Comprehensive Home Inspection Services

Inspections can take up to but are not limited to, three hours on average.  You are not required to be at the inspection, however, there will be a full report uploaded to our secured server.  You can access the report within six hours after the inspection online.  You are free to share the report with whomever you choose by downloading it.

After the report is finalized the client and home inspector will go over the report(s) via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or phone.

Let’s Get Started! offers thorough home inspections with detailed reports accessible online within six hours post-inspection. Connect for review via Zoom, Teams, or phone. Share the report as you wish.

PLEASE NOTE: The client can invite anyone that they want on the call, please let your home inspector know so that your inspector can send links to whomever you want on the call.

PLEASE NOTE: Downloading the report can be a large file of 1 gig or more, depending on the size of the home.  If you are wanting your report to be sent to you on a jump drive, please let your inspector know.

Let’s Get Started! offers detailed home inspections and online reports accessible within six hours. Discuss findings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or phone. Your home inspection is made easy and efficient.

We ask as a courtesy to the current homeowner that you do not bring your pets during the home inspection.