Professional Home Screen Repair Services
Written by Ray.Victorell

How do you fix a ripped screen?

If you have children at home, then you might need a screen repair anytime at your doorstep. But it is also possible to repair a screen of your window or door by yourself. Before this, you are required to follow up on some guidelines that will help you to repair screens properly.

Children have no idea about anything, they can rip or tear any window they want. If your window is torn more than a few inches then you have to replace the screen material for the future. But the doors require a new screen even if a small portion is torn. Moreover, for doors, it is hard to patch a screen because it contains a large size and reduced tension. Also, it is easy enough to pull the old screen loose and press a new sheet in place at your home on doors and windows.

For Windows, you are required to consider the molding frames before replacing screens. It can be noted that the molding frames are considered as the older style of window screen that is attached to a wide wood frame for displaying the screen. For replacing just gently pry up the old staples and remove the screen and carefully staple the new piece.

Also, measure the frame properly to ensure that the new piece will not overlap the inner measurement of the molding. Try to use a staple gun or small trim nails to attach the new screen. In modern windows, channel frames are present. These frames contain a relatively thin metal edge. Also notice that the screen will tuck into its edge and also contain a small strip of plastic that is also called a spline. It is replaced by using a sharp tool like a screwdriver or long nail. If you are facing any kind of trouble in repairing screens, then contact us and hire a professional for it from us.

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