Ground Zero Home Inspections is an industry leader, distinguishing itself by offering multilingual inspection reports, a service few other companies provide. Utilizing advanced software technology, we have the unique ability to translate our comprehensive inspection reports into 80 different languages. This makes our services accessible and convenient for a diverse range of clients, breaking down language barriers and ensuring clear, concise communication for all involved in the home buying process.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond language translation. At Ground Zero Home Inspections, we believe in delivering an exceptionally thorough inspection service. We understand that buying a home can be an overwhelming process, with the home inspection being a crucial component. A home is not just a place to live; it is often the most significant financial investment one makes. Therefore, a detailed and accurate home inspection is of utmost importance.

Ground Zero Home Inspections is dedicated to providing you with the detailed scrutiny your potential home requires before purchase. Our team of skilled inspectors leverages their knowledge and expertise to inspect each property meticulously, assessing every crucial aspect from foundation to roof. We take pride in empowering our clients with the knowledge they need about their prospective home’s condition.

In conclusion, Ground Zero Home Inspections stands out in the competitive field of home inspections by catering to a global clientele with our multilingual report feature and by providing a comprehensive inspection service. Trust us with your biggest financial asset; let us ensure that your new home is a safe, secure, and sound investment.

Ground Zero Home Inspection Services

Always room for improvement

Home Inspections

Never purchase a home without an inspection.  A few hundred dollars could save you much more without one.

Radon Measurement & Mitigation

Lets first do a full measurement and see if a mitigation system is needed.

Commercial Inspection

Quick and easy commercial inspection for a fraction of the cost of a traditional inspection.

Mold Inspection

Have what you think may be mold?  We’ll take a sample send it to a lab and get an analysis.

Full Home Measurement

Get the measurements that matter and plan on not getting overcharged in the future.

Thermal Drone Inspection

Getting the thermal images/video of the inspected topic could help remedy issues down the road.

Over See It

Unsure about a project while it’s being constructed.  Perhaps you are getting a new roof, windows, doors, etc, and want a second opinion.