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Standard home inspection protocol includes but is not limited to:

  • Free Radon Test
  • Free Water Test
  • Free Air Quality Test

What other home inspectors would charge, we include it for free.  Plus, all of our clients get their own access to their Client Relationship Management (CRM) where you can download your report(s) anytime.  Plus, you'll get quick access to helpful tips and recommended contractors that we trust and are A+ on the BBB and state licensed and certified, and best of all priced right for their industry.


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Radon Inspection

Radon levels change over time.

“Radon is the number 1 cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers.”

In the air, radon breaks down into tiny radioactive elements (radon progeny) that can lodge in the lining of the lungs, where they can give off radiation. This radiation can damage lung cells and eventually lead to lung cancer.

As with most contaminants, the danger of radon arises from high levels or prolonged exposure over time. This is why continuous monitoring is key to understanding your risk.

That’s why it’s so important to measure continuously, to ensure your levels stay low.

The amount of radon emitted from the ground and the amount that actually enters our home can change due to the following reasons:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Building Insulation
  • Your Homes Foundation
  • Snowfall
  • Ice
  • Rain
  • Earthquakes

Radon sampling: radon will not be distributed evenly around a room.

Imagine adding a dash of cream to a cup of black coffee but not stirring it. If you then take multiple samples from a small spot of that coffee for the level of cream, you would get very different readings over time as the cream slowly blends in with the coffee. Radon sampling works in the same way.

As a result, Airthings radon sensors give a short-term sample reading as well as an average long-term reading. This is why we recommend allowing your radon detector to measure for at least 30 days so that the monitor can obtain enough air samples to provide a reliable long-term average.

Radon is an invisible gas formed in the Earth’s crust. It surrounds every one of us as part of the air we breathe.

High levels over long periods of time are the issue. By monitoring radon long-term, you can be alerted when levels are high and make small changes to improve the air you breathe.

What do my radon levels mean?

Good = 0 – 1.3 pCi/LNo action needed.

1.4 – 2.6 pCi/L Experiment with ventilation and sealing cracks to reduce levels.

Fair = 2.7 – 4.0 pCi/L Keep measuring. If levels are maintained for more than 3 months, contact professional radon mitigation.

Poor = 4.0 pCi/L and upKeep measuring. If levels are maintained for more than 1 month, contact professional radon mitigation.

I just want to thank you! I cannot say enough good things about your company. I appreciate your service. Prompt and professional service and I have a better understanding of my home! Very courteous service!

Julia Bredshow
Green Bay, WI

I have used Ground Zero Home Inspections for two of my properties.  As an investor, it's not easy to get a full understanding of what we are facing considering we are out of the state of the true repair condition of the homes we are prospecting. Their professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness, and fast response are second to none. I have used Ground Zero Home Inspections services for my home and business. Great job and inspectors.

Robin Harvey
Fond du Lac, WI

I am very pleased with the service I received, from the initial contact with your personnel to the technicians that handled my problems. It is great to deal with a company that values its customers. The report looked to be scary but that was apparently due to my inexperience with the project.  They were able to find the right company for us. Thanks.

Monique Logan
Wisconsin Dells, WI