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Written by Ray.Victorell

How do you clean a sewer system?

In the event that it does transpire, you will be aware of the need to clean out your sewer the event that it has become clogged. Your sewer system may require assistance if you notice any of the following warning signs: drains that flush more slowly than they normally do, sounds that aren’t normal, and odors that aren’t normal. But calling a plumber isn’t always required, and there are things you can do to handle a good chunk of the issues that arise; there are also things you can do to fix all of the issues. There are also things you can do to solve all of the problems.

1. Keep your lines clean frequently

Buying an enzyme cleaner can help. Different enzyme cleaners exist. Some remove pet stains, while others clean drains. Any plumbing supply store or hardware store will carry high-quality cleansers.

Follow the directions and use a large drain. Any large drain will work, although a basement drain is preferred. Enzyme cleaners require time because they function biologically. Wait till the cleaning finishes.

2. Snake it!

Using snakes is easy and affordable. Snakes may easily eliminate minor obstructions in your home. Snakes are drain augers that cut or twist through clogs.

Snakes are useful for tiny clogs. Be careful not to harm your drain lines when using a snake. If your snake can’t clear a clog, call a plumber.

3. Vinegar with Baking Soda

Baking soda with vinegar is a popular degreaser. When these two react, they foam and bubble. The bubbles assist baking soda to remove clog-causing oil.

Grease becomes sticky when it cools. Grease in your lines traps debris. Even if you don’t deposit much grease, it can get in your sewer lines. This quick and easy cleaning procedure can be done anytime.

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