Professional Skylight Installation Services
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Residential Skylight Installation

Only a modest skylight may make a place appear more prominent and airy since glass on the roof allows in substantially more light than a vertical panel. Make sure to account for the sun’s course while organizing a skylight installation. Skylights towards the south or west of the roof will receive direct sunlight, whereas those facing the north or east may not.

Cost to Install a Skylight

The cost of setting up a skylight varies due to the type of skylight or whether the job is performed by a professional. The median price range is between $900 and $2,300, with a state median of around $1,500. An expert can give a good idea of the overall project. If you can do the setup yourself, you’ll only need to consider the cost of the skylight and any extensions or materials required.

How to Determine Whether Your Home Is Ready for a Skylight

Do girders support your roof? Girder structure is generally 24 inches in the center, allowing for a 2-foot-wide skylight. Nevertheless, suppose you need to cut into girders to accommodate an enormous skylight. In that case, you’ll have to recruit a building inspector to specify alternate solution framing. Engineering fees range between $300 and $500.

Is there enough space in the attic? Once you’ve decided where to put a skylight, inspect the area for any HVAC, electrical connections, or plumbing that might be in the direction. Will you require a chase? A chase is a posed tunnel that directs light from your skylight via your roof to the ceiling below. It is expected to finish with plasterboard and be painted. Since it is challenging to construct, it brings approximately $1,500 to a proper installation. A chase is not required if you have a cathedral ceiling.

Can a skylight complement your living area design aesthetic? A skylight is an impartial component that melds with most styles, but it may impact the buyers of an older home.

How could a solar light tube do the same thing? A solar light tube can bring to light a location of 200 to 600 square feet for less than 20% of the cost of installing a skylight.

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