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Written by Ray.Victorell

What Is Residential Stucco?

Stucco is used as a construction material that is made of aggregates, binder, and concrete and applied on the wet hardens to make the solid dense structures of walls. It is used to decorate the walls, ceiling, and interior walls and make sculptures. It could be implemented with the help of construction materials such as concrete blocks, metal, and brick.

Traditionally stucco is a building material that is durable attractive and weather-resistant wall cover and used for interior and exterior decoration.  Modern stucco is still employed for decoration purposes and for joining the walls and ceilings inside the houses. These are generally painted with a similar color and they’re also used for an attractive look.

Metal stucco is installed on the walls that have the risk of moisturizing membrane and it is used to cover the wall to protect it from water. This is based on three thin coats and provides coating from moisturizing. The three coats of stucco is implemented to cover the scratches and also provide good texture. The second coat is implemented to give us a smooth and creative look and the finishing coat is implemented to create the decorative surface. International Building Code (IBC) gave some suggestions for the installation of stucco as it should have a minimum time delay between applying every coat and a standard testing system should be used to regulate the application of stucco.

The stucco dries slower and becomes stronger therefore in sunny and hot locations stucco should be installed with proper shaded and dehydration mixing that could make the slower drying procedure. Stucco could be mixed with different pigmentations to produce a wide range of colors and it could be used without color in the natural Gray color of cement. Stucco could also be painted but it is necessary at least painted six weeks prior to its use but pigmentation is considered preferable as painting create regular maintenance issue therefore including pigmentation is considered more appropriate to give the color.

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