Professional Chimney Sweep Services for Your Home
Written by Ray.Victorell

Should I Get My Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is someone who cleans smoke and ash from chimneys. The pressure differential created by a hot column of gas in the chimney creates a draught and draws air over the hot coals or wood, allowing ongoing burning. Chimneys can be straight or have many twists and turns.

How to Determine Whether Your Fireplace Chimney needs a good cleaning

Running the end of your fireplace rod along the inside of your chimney cover is easy to see if your chimney needs a good cleaning. Contact a chimney sweep if you discover a 1/8-inch or more significant layer of accumulation.

Chimney sweeps may experience 40 to 50 fires each year, and much more than 50% of the chimneys they handle need further cleaning if homeowners wait too long to contact. In difficult situations, the solid accumulation layer must be removed using specialized equipment or chemicals.

An inspection for soot accumulation, blockages, cracks in the chimney liner, and evidence of water damage is part of professional cleaning. Older chimneys may have gaps between clay liner pieces.

When choosing a chimney sweep, search for someone who is trained and insured and who will give you an estimate upfront.

What is the cost of a chimney sweep?

The price of a complete chimney clean varies based on different factors. The cost will be determined by the sort of inspection necessary and the severity to which your chimney has to be cleaned.

However, as a rule of thumb, a simple chimney sweep should cost generally between $30 and $80. However, this price might be significantly higher in more prominent places with increased demand.

Seasonal variations will also affect the pricing of the chimney sweep. Expect to spend extra for an inspection and sweep during the fall season, when chimney sweeps are in great demand.