Residential Lighting Solutions for Your Home
Written by Ray.Victorell

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

For indoors, lighting plays an important role at night. Moreover, lighting is also often underestimated part of indoors. Indoor lighting contains a huge impact on functionality and aesthetics. It is also putting a profound effect on emotions, mood, and wellbeing. But it is also important to consider which light is suitable for a specific room in the home. Every room like the drawing room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and store room requires various types of lighting.

For indoor lighting design, various factors must be considered. These factors include size and space of the room, age and preference of occupants, shape, and height of the ceiling, furniture and wall colour, existing setup of the lights, traffic patterns, points of interest, reflections and shadows, daylight integration, colour appearance, surface characteristics, spatial perceptions, economics, and energy efficiency, and level of illumination.

All of these factors are extremely important before buying lighting for indoors. If these factors are not considered properly then it will contain dullness in the room and also cause various problems at night and also affect your eyesight. Furthermore, three lighting design layers are extremely beneficial for indoors.

General or ambient lighting will make your interior space visible. The task lighting will help you to focus on a specific area in detail. Like, cooking, drawing, sewing, and writing. Accent lighting is used to accentuate the features and increase the visual interest level of the area. Such lights are making the place more valuable.

The next point is regarding Lighting fixture types and it is divided into six types. The surface lights are mounted on the fixtures like a wall or ceiling. The pendant lights are hanging down from the ceiling like a cable, chain, or cord.  The recessed lights are hidden away and present in the ceiling cavity and their source is not visible. Track lights are used for increasing lighting flexibility. The portable lights can be moved from one place to another. Landscape lighting is used to increase the illumination level indoors.