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Written by Ray.Victorell

Understanding Plastering: A Comprehensive Guide

For indoors, plastering is a good thing that will increase its attractiveness. But it is important to know how to plaster your home so it will look good. Before this, take a look at the main requirements for good plaster. These requirements include

The plaster must be stuck to the background and stay during all climate changes

A good plaster must be economical and cost-effective

Make sure that plastering must be durable and hard.

Also, make sure that plastering is protecting against the entry of moisture

It has to increase the good workability at home.

The main materials used for plastering include cement, lime, sand, admixture, and water. Moreover, there are three types of plastering. The first type is based on the ingredients used like cement plastering, lime plastering, and cement lime plastering. All ingredients are depending on the demand for plastering.

The second type is based on the type of finish. According to this, the first type is sand-faced plastering and it requires two coats. the second one is a rough cast finish. The third one is a smooth cast finish and the fourth one is a textured finish, in which decorative types of textures are present on the surface and it is giving a perfect finish to the exterior and interior. On the other hand, the third kind of plastering is depending on the rough guideline for proportional mortar for plastering. It is applied on the internal wall with the ratio of 1:3, and 1:6 and also on the external walls with 1:5.

If you are interested in indoor plastering and transforming the look of your home, then always hire a professional. Moreover, you have to check their professional license and then give them a task to plaster. We have a team of professional plastering experts. If you need them then contact us anytime.