Exterior Home Painting Services | Transform Your Home's Appearance
Written by Ray.Victorell

Increasing Your Home Value With Some House Painting

Are you seeking some home color ideas for the outside of your house in 2022? We’ve all spent most of the previous two years inside our houses, which has undoubtedly offered an opportunity to give our homes a facelift. People’s attention is quickly drawn to the exterior house color design and the home color outside of any property. Furthermore, it allows you to tie the entire house and make it appear homogeneous and lovely.

Exterior House Painting Procedures

Pressure-Wash the Walls

Remove dirt and dust from home with a pressure washer to give optimum coverage. TIP: Work your way down the house from top to bottom in a steady, controlled motion, overlapping each stroke by 8 inches.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Walk around the whole perimeter of the home, noting any damaged surfaces like wood, stone, metal, siding, or stucco. Using a spackle knife, apply epoxy filler to cracks or holes. After it has dried, softly sand it with a medium-grit sanding block.

Remove Loose Paint

When the outside is dry, go around the home’s perimeter, noting any loose or chipped paint. Place drop cloths along the ground, then use a paint scraper or medium-grit sanding block to remove chipped and loose paint.

Caulk trimming

Using exterior caulk and a caulk gun, fill gaps between the home and the trim around doors and windows. Caulk along the surface where different materials meet if the house has mixed materials such as siding and brick.

Prepare the Stains

Check the outside for stains or apparent wood knots. Apply one layer of stain-blocking primer to the affected area using a paintbrush.

Guard the Doors, Windows, and Lights

Use plastic sheets and painter’s tape to protect doors, windows, and lighting fixtures.

Paint the Outside

Fill the painting sprayer with flat or creamy outdoor paint color. Paint one or two coats of flat or creamy exterior paint to the entire home, depending on the strength of the color. Work from top to bottom in a steady, calm motion, spacing each stroke by 8 inches. TIP: To guarantee optimum coverage when changing exterior colors from light to dark or dark to light, start with a layer of primer. When applying a fresh coat of existing paint, no primer is required.

Paint the Trim and Doors

Remove the plastic wrap off the doors, windows, and lighting fittings. Using a paintbrush, apply two coats of exterior semi-gloss paint color to the woodwork and doors. Drop cloths should be removed.