Premium & Custom Window Treatments For Your Home
Written by Ray.Victorell

Window Treatment

Window treatment definitions vary. “A window treatment” is a decorative and functional covering or modification for an interior or exterior window. All window treatments are rigid, soft, or layered. Window coverings include molding and valances. Frosted, smart, and stained glass are direct-application window coverings. Below are each category’s most popular window treatments.

Window Coverings

Shutters, shades, and blinds are hard treatments. Wood or acrylic louvers make up shutters. Hinges allow them to be mounted to the interior or exterior of windows. Shutters control light, protect privacy, and improve a property’s aesthetic. Wood shutters are popular due to their elegance. Blinds are a type of covering made of tiltable wood, plastic, or aluminum louvers. They obstruct people from seeing into homes, hence their name. Blinds can be adjusted to manage room lighting. The homeowner can create the ideal ambiance. Venetian, pleated, and vertical blinds are popular. Last are the hues. Fabric window coverings that can be rolled up to let light in or down to cover a window. Roller shades can be rolled manually or electrically. Roman shades hang flat when closed and pleat when opened. Roman shades are opened and closed manually using a cord. Shades can be made from many fabrics and materials. Some let in light, and some don’t. Wooden shades are also modern.

Soft drapes

Another option is to use soft window treatments like curtains or draperies. Curtains are cloth strips hung on a horizontal rod within a window. Drapery and curtains are popular window coverings because they come in any color, material, or pattern. Curtains fit any budget. Curtains can be opened and closed manually, with cords, or automatically. Sheers are among the curtain options. made of silk, rayon, and nylon. They let room occupants see outside but not strangers. Privacy curtains provide this. White and cream are popular sheers. Austrian hues are also popular. The luxurious cloth is scalloped and folded in a wavy design. The Austrian colors are luxurious. Last is the cafe curtain. Vertical cloth strips dangle from rings on a horizontal pole. Café curtains can be hung on a window’s lower half to provide privacy while leaving the top half exposed to light.

Window treatments promote attractiveness, privacy, and energy efficiency. There are treatments for all budgets and tastes. Customizable cordless blinds and shades.