Stacy was born in Colorado at the age of four before she moved to Wisconsin with her parents.  Since then she worked on the farm raising her family where later on she decided to lean more toward her passion for culinary arts.  As she worked as a coordinator at the American Club in Koelor Wisconsin, she decided to go into real estate and has never looked back.

Although she’s a mean cook with several dishes that take people by surprise with her inventive imagination she decided to be her own boss and go into the real estate business working at Keller Williams in Sheboygan.

Her role with Ground Zero Home Inspections is helping her husband Ray with answering and scheduling home & commercial inspections.

Associates of Culinary Arts, Moraine Tech
State Certified Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams

  • Certified Real Estate Agent
  • Culinary Arts Degree
  • Mother of Five Daughters and Two Sons
  • Passionate & Caring
  • Hard Worker
  • Dedicated Wife & Mother
  • Entrepreneur
  • Loves to Cook