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Written by Ray.Victorell

What Are Some Residential Window Cleaning Tools?

Windows that have been detailed by a professional look fantastic. It is possible to maintain clean windows in between the twice-yearly cleanings. Even while they can’t compare to the results of a professional cleaning service, the methods you use at home can nonetheless keep your windows clean. Clear vision is enabled by having clean windows, whether you’re in Newmarket or Los Angeles.

If you follow these five tips, you will have an easier time keeping your windows sparkling. Only the interior should be cleaned following these instructions. Window work that requires a ladder should be left to the experts. It is not worth putting one’s safety in danger in order to have clean windows.

1.    Ditch the Newspaper

People recycle newspapers by using them as paper towels. Smart and eco-friendly. Ink on your hands is the biggest complaint about this practice.

To avoid ink stains, use an unused coffee filter. Coffee filters prevent smearing like a newspaper. Unlike newspaper, it won’t stain your hands and windows.

2.  Learn How to Squeegee

Most people prefer clean windows but are terrified of streaks. If you still get streaks after using a coffee filter, view YouTube videos on squeegeeing.

Most home improvement stores sell indoor squeegees. Wipe the blade between swipes and replace it when dull. This makes windows brighter and clearer.

3.  Make Your Own Cleaner

How quickly do you roll your eyes and return to your Pine Sol and Windex when you hear the words “DIY cleaners”? Some homemade cleaners contain water, ammonia, and other substances. However, all you really need is some dish soap, water, and vinegar to thoroughly clean your windows. Two parts water, one part soap, and one part vinegar will do, but other proportions will also work.

Spray this cleaner on windows, but don’t flood them. After that, give your window a last rinsing with a few drops of water to remove any residue that the dish soap may have left behind. Because of this, avoid consuming too much dish soap.

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